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19 nov. 2014

SIMEC is able to do separate and direct shore ends all around the world. This Job includes each step of a shore end like, working permit obtaining, beach works, cable pulling, burying and final report. SIMEC has already done shore ends for customers as France Telecom Marine, ELETTRA or ALCATEL in Portugal, Africa and France.



  • Preparing work : specifications and scheduling of work

  • Permit : working permit and authorizations

  • Kind of shore ends : separate (with a cable laying) or direct

  • Mobilization

  • Beach trench

  • Cable pulling

  • BMH anchorage

  • Cable positionning on sea bed

  • Cable protection (burial, anchorage, articulated pipes)

  • Cable survey

  • Final report and daily report


MEUST Cable à La Seyne Sur Mer (2015)

SEMW5 Cable in La Seyne Sur Mer (2016)

AAE1 Cable in Marseille (2016)

4 cables between Spain and Morocco (MELROQ)

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